How to Make a Perfect Foam for Your Coffee

Best lattes or cappuccinos expect the best steamed milk. But, as far as beginners are concerned, steaming milk is much more difficult than making espresso. For it can happen so fast, with strong heat, and, if done in the wrong possible way, it can be loud. If you happen to have mastered the art of making the perfect foam, you’ve certainly felt like an experienced barista somehow...

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The Coffee-cat Copy Cat: Starbucks’ Coffee Jelly Frappuccino

Did you know that Coffee Jelly is an original creation made by the Japanese? Coffee Jelly is made from sweetened coffee added to alga—a jelly that is made from algae which is called as kanten in Japanese

.coffee jelly

Coffee jellies are usually diced or cut into cubes and are commonly served in a variety of dessert dishes and beverages...

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The Largest Coffee Chains Ever Established

Coffee is, without a doubt, the most popular drink in the world. It turned out to be one of the world’s most important necessities.

With a daily consumption to a staggering number of 2.25 billion cups, it’s not a surprise how it came to be a commodity. With this, coffee became so crucial to the world’s economy that it became publicly traded in today’s market...

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Coffee Addiction from your Genes

This may not be a thought to be widely considered but if you are someone who literally could not survive nor live a day without a cup of coffee, you might want to thank or blame your genes about it.


A new genome-wide study published in Molecular Psychiatry has stated genetic variants that may have a lot to do with our coffee obsession.

Coffee, a major dietary source of caffeine, is among the most widely consumed beverages...

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5 Delicious Dishes Uses Coffee As Its Secret Ingredient

Coffee contains one of the most deliciously pleasurable flavor that nature has to offer. Apparently, its bitter tang gives an ostensibly unique taste that altered the word “drinking”.

As a favorite drink, it gradually increased its number of variance. Coffee now comes in different types, different ways of brewing, different processes of preparation, different blends, different tastes and different everything.

Because of t...

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Making Coffee Healthier


As for fellow Coffee Lovers :-) out there, coffee consumption almost increases as time goes for each individuals. As per coffee is a brewed drink that doesn’t have any additives in it, we still have to mind the one’s we have from most coffee shops. Many coffee shops has this extravagant, high-calorie and sugared cups...

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World’s Top 5 Cities for Coffee Lovers

Do you love coffee as much as you love traveling? Then, it is a must for you to visit the best cities or places that serve coffee in their best way possible. And if you aren’t able to find time to stopover, well, at least get to know them.

In the majority of the world’s top coffee cities, a coffeehouse is actually a lot more than a place to acquire a hot treat...

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Exfoliate Your Skin using Coffee as Body Scrub


Body scrubs are becoming more and more popular these days. These products are formulated from different ingredients varying from sugar to coconut to honey and even coffee.coffee_scrub

Body scrubbing is one of the most effective methods of luxuriously conditioning and exfoliating the body through treatments that may as well improve skin complexion. Body scrubs are elegant mixtures of spa crystals and scrubs that vary in flavor...

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Coffee Made from Animal Feces: The World’s Most Expensive Variety


                  Kopi Luwak or Cat Poop Coffee is widely considered as the world’s rarest and most expensive coffee. Imagine an individual cup reaching up to $80! The beans from where it is grounded from is also the world’s rarest.

Kopi Luwak is a type of coffee from coffee berries eaten and then excreted by an uncommon cat called Asian Palm Civet...

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An Adorable Short Clip Made From a Thousand Cup of Latte


     Aijinomoto General Foods, a company from Japan, has made the most adorable latte drink advertisement through an animated short clip entitled Latte Motion. Making use of  warm milk and sprinkling on delicate stencils of chocolate powder to create artistically decorated cups of latte. Numbering up to 1,000, the animation took three whole days to be able to make a stop motion video...

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