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Which is Healthier?: Coffee vs. Milk vs. Fruit Juices


During my toddler years, mom used to say, “Drink your milk, it makes you healthy, strong and beautiful.” Even when I am already in grade school, she never allowed me to drink other beverages (except for water and fruit juices). She would say, “Do not drink soda, it will make you ugly; do not drink coffee, it will make dull in class...

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Product Review: Handpresso Outdoor Espresso Set

Coffee while camping

Can’t get enough of coffee even when you’re traveling? If so, then own the Handpresso Outdoor Espresso Set. For only less than $2oo, you and your friends can already enjoy fresh and hot espresso while camping, hiking, and even boating...

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Unique Ideas for Coffee Table (Part I)

Woman drinking Coffee

Drinking coffee is so versatile that you can do it just about anywhere – in the countertop, in the living room, at the terrace or veranda, and even at the backyard. However, your ‘ultimate’ coffee experience becomes complete if you drink your favorite cup of Java in a uniquely designed coffee table.

There are too many designs and brands of coffee tables to choose from...

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How to Make Homemade Coffee Ice Cream

Coffee Ice CreamDo you know that coffee is the world’s favorite beverage while ice cream is the world’s favorite frozen treat? What if we put coffee and ice cream together? Ah, that would surely taste like heaven!

Coffee ice cream is not only a crowd pleaser, it is also very easy to make. Overall, you will only need 25 minutes to finish this recipe; 15 minutes for the preparation and 10 minutes for cooking...

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Asia’s Best Coffee Houses

In one of our previous posts, we have listed the top countries in terms of coffee consumption per capita. In that article, countries in Europe such as Finland, Norway, Iceland and Denmark bagged the first four spots. Unfortunately, no Asian country made it to the top 10. However, this does not mean that one cannot find top-notch coffee houses in Asia...

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Coffee Lover Gift Ideas: All Under $30

Is your other half, sibling, or best friend a certified java-lover? If yes, then check out these cool products that are perfect as gifts for your loved ones. Right, Valentines is over; but it is never too late to show some love. Wrap these innovations in fancy paper and go ahead, surprise people who are dearest to you!

Lap Mug

Lap MugFor less than $20, you can already give a stylish mug to someone close to your heart...

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How to Make a Perfect Foam for Your Coffee

Best lattes or cappuccinos expect the best steamed milk. But, as far as beginners are concerned, steaming milk is much more difficult than making espresso. For it can happen so fast, with strong heat, and, if done in the wrong possible way, it can be loud. If you happen to have mastered the art of making the perfect foam, you’ve certainly felt like an experienced barista somehow...

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The Coffee-cat Copy Cat: Starbucks’ Coffee Jelly Frappuccino

Did you know that Coffee Jelly is an original creation made by the Japanese? Coffee Jelly is made from sweetened coffee added to alga—a jelly that is made from algae which is called as kanten in Japanese

.coffee jelly

Coffee jellies are usually diced or cut into cubes and are commonly served in a variety of dessert dishes and beverages...

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The Largest Coffee Chains Ever Established

Coffee is, without a doubt, the most popular drink in the world. It turned out to be one of the world’s most important necessities.

With a daily consumption to a staggering number of 2.25 billion cups, it’s not a surprise how it came to be a commodity. With this, coffee became so crucial to the world’s economy that it became publicly traded in today’s market...

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5 Delicious Dishes Uses Coffee As Its Secret Ingredient

Coffee contains one of the most deliciously pleasurable flavor that nature has to offer. Apparently, its bitter tang gives an ostensibly unique taste that altered the word “drinking”.

As a favorite drink, it gradually increased its number of variance. Coffee now comes in different types, different ways of brewing, different processes of preparation, different blends, different tastes and different everything.

Because of t...

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