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Health Benefits of Coffee (Part II)

In the Part I of this article, we have tackled three of the many health benefits of coffee. Researchers say coffee helps fight type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and liver disease. In this post, we will talk about two more health benefits of Java. A lot of studies have also proven that coffee is good for the heart and best in fighting liver cancer.

Liver Cancer

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The American Cancer Society foresees that in 2015, the...

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Health Benefits of Coffee (Part I)


Majority of us drink coffee in the morning to jumpstart our day. We also drink coffee during afternoon breaks as coffee is believed to be an energy booster. Meaning, it helps us stay awake and survive the rest of the shift in the office. Along with the popularity of coffee are dozens of research geared towards finding out its other benefits to human health.

Recently, medicalnewstoday...

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7 Must-Know Coffee Hacks

Most of us can’t stand a day without drinking coffee. For some, it is a drink that jump-starts their day while for others, it is an energy-boosting beverage that keeps them awake in the office...

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Coffee Face Mask: For a Younger, Glowing Skin!

Coffee Facial

Most people drink coffee in the morning to energize themselves for the day. Aside from being a drink that jump-starts your day, do you know that you can also use coffee as a morning beauty routine? Java is a natural stringent, so it can help minimize your pores and decrease skin oiliness. It can also reduce puffiness around the eyes...

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Coffee Addiction from your Genes

This may not be a thought to be widely considered but if you are someone who literally could not survive nor live a day without a cup of coffee, you might want to thank or blame your genes about it.


A new genome-wide study published in Molecular Psychiatry has stated genetic variants that may have a lot to do with our coffee obsession.

Coffee, a major dietary source of caffeine, is among the most widely consumed beverages...

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Making Coffee Healthier


As for fellow Coffee Lovers :-) out there, coffee consumption almost increases as time goes for each individuals. As per coffee is a brewed drink that doesn’t have any additives in it, we still have to mind the one’s we have from most coffee shops. Many coffee shops has this extravagant, high-calorie and sugared cups...

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Exfoliate Your Skin using Coffee as Body Scrub


Body scrubs are becoming more and more popular these days. These products are formulated from different ingredients varying from sugar to coconut to honey and even coffee.coffee_scrub

Body scrubbing is one of the most effective methods of luxuriously conditioning and exfoliating the body through treatments that may as well improve skin complexion. Body scrubs are elegant mixtures of spa crystals and scrubs that vary in flavor...

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Low-Cost Starbucks Mystery Coffee Items

Starbucks’ high cost creations is very much well-known all throughout the country. Lattes, Frappuccino’s, they may come at prices that not everyone can afford, not to mention, to be bought every day.  Although they come with their own reasonable prices, they are still uneconomical to those individuals who prefer discounted items.

If you consider yourself as one of these people, welcome to the club...

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Bulletproof Coffee: Blend of Butter & Coconut Oil

Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee

Fundamentally, the bulletproof coffee is black coffee added with butter and coconut oil. Odd, but this coffee assures delicious and fresh tastes. If made in the almost perfect blend, it can be as rich and as creamy as lattes, only different in some way. Butter and coffee together may sound strange, but these coffee have been made by countries around the world in their most fulfilling way.

Surprisingly, the ...

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The Coffee-Cat Copycat: Starbucks Peppermint Latte

Starbucks Peppermint Latte

Starbucks Peppermint Latte

The cooler the weather becomes, we always tend to crave coffee every day. Those who can’t bear to spend their holidays alone, hot drinks would be the best company. Making them at home would save you from big expenses, and you could have your own preference done accordingly.

Warm up with your own hot, decadent, pleasant cup of coffee, and seize a break from your most hectic day! This easy recipe ...

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